Электропроводка инструментальной панели (PREMIUM)

Part number: 3004422-02-B
Model cars: Model SR
On order

We deliver the order in any way you find convenient:

1. Delivery to any Ukrainian city is calculated in accordance with the tariffs of the transport company.

2. You can pick it up yourself / Pickup available from our warehouse in Irpin, St. Trudova 1y, from 10 am to 6 pm daily. 

You can pay for the order in several convenient ways:

  1. Prepayment to the card. Requisites for payment are sent after the order is being placed.
  2. COD on receipt at the shipping company office. The cost of the service varies from 20 UAH + 2% of the transfer amount. Prepayment of the transport company expenses is required.
  3. Payment in cash, upon pickup from the warehouse.

All products in our store are guaranteed for 14 days. Please check if the goods are complete and free from defects upon receipt.

The guarantee is not provided in the following cases:

  1. There is a mechanical or other damage that occurred due to willful or negligent actions of the buyer or third parties.
  2. There was either an unauthorized opening, or repairs were made or internal communications and components of the goods were changed, or product design was modified.
  3. The part is working properly, but you used it to diagnose a malfunction of your car  (No returns accepted).
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