Tesla Service







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Please note that the record maintenance is happening in a queue. After reviewing Your request, the Manager will call You and arrange a date and time of your visit.

Recommended service interval

Once a year or every 20,000 km

  • Car maintenance
  • Diagnostics
  • Repair work of any complexity
  • Routine maintenance
  • Car Troubleshooting
  • Expert assessment when selling a car
Refurbishment and Repair
Refurbishment and Repair
  • Damage assessment
  • Completion with spare parts
  • Straightening of any complexity
  • Preparation and painting of a car body
  • Prompt elimination of minor damages
  • Work done with the use of materials from leading manufacturers
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Adapting a car from the USA to EU Standards
  • Programming of electronic components
  • Three-phase charging connector installation 
  • Assistance with updating
  • Binding keys to the car
  • Equipment calibration and autopilot activation

Tesla tuning


Taking into account the individual preferences of the owner, we create the desired look and capabilities of the vehicle which perfectly match your needs.  

  • Restyled or custom body kit
  • A change of color
  • Airbrush Painting on car’s body
  • Interior modifications

Tesla detailing


Ofter minor defects in the interior and exterior of the car can make an owner unhappy. TSK offers to solve this problem.

  • Damaged interior parts repair
  • Local painting of individual elements
  • Dry cleaning of any complexity
  • Paintwork care
  • Car wrapping with armor or colored films

Additional e-Services


  • 12V battery replacement
  • Replacement of high-voltage battery elements (cells, contactors, power wires)
  • Diagnosis of factory systems (technical menu - Factory Mode)
  • Software update
  • Three-phase charging connector installation 
  • Supercharger Activation