Teslas Cybertruck went up in price before reaching the assembly line

Tesla's Cybertruck electric pickup will rise in price from the previously announced price, but no specific data has been announced.

Company CEO Elon Musk confirmed during a meeting of Tesla shareholders at a gigafactory in Texas that the pickup truck will go into production in mid-2023.

It is at the Texas plant that the Tesla Cybertruck electric car will be produced. However, the price of the Tesla Cybertruck will increase.

This is due to inflation, shortages of automotive chips, and even the transition to more advanced and expensive 4680 batteries. "Cybertruck pricing was announced in 2019 and was $99 to reserve. A lot has changed since then, so features and pricing will be different. I hate to break some bad news.

But I think there's no way to account for the inflation we've seen." and various other problems,” Musk said.

You can buy a Tesla pickup truck now, and the advance payment upon ordering remains unchanged – $99.

The exact price of the model will be announced closer to the production start date. The Cybertruck will not be available for the $39,900 base price announced three years ago.

"Tesla has raised prices across its entire lineup, so we're probably looking at something above $50,000," the reporters note.

We remind you: Tesla hopes to begin deliveries of its battery-electric Cybertruck pickup truck in the middle of next year. Elon Musk introduced the Cybertruck electric pickup truck with a futuristic design in 2019.

At first it was expected that its release would begin in 2021, then this time frame changed. In September 2021, Musk told employees that the company did not intend to begin production of the Cybertruck until the end of 2022, and mass production would not start until the end of 2023.

In January, it became known that Tesla Inc plans to begin production of its Cybertruck electric pickup truck by the end of the first quarter of 2023, and not at the end of 2022, as previously planned.

Source: https://politeka.org/